The Joy of Skim Boarding

Skim boarding or skimming is the latest board sport and it has become immensely popular. Skimming is done with the help of a skimboard which is like a surfboard but smaller. The skim board is used to glide or skim across the surface of the water. Surfing requires you to paddle out into the water for quite a distance before you can ride a wave in.

Skimboarding on the other hand starts on the beach. You drop the board on the thing wash of previous waves. Once the board is on this shallow water you need to run and jump on to the board. The skimmers then use their momentum to ride the skimboard out to breaking waves. Once they have reached the waves the skimboard can be used to ride them in a manner similar to the surfboard. The lifeguards on the beaches of Laguna were looking for an easier way to move around on the beach and so the sport of skimboarding was born. In this article we will find out a little more about this exciting new sport and about cover some information about skimboards.

Skimboarding is done on a skimboard in shallow water. It originated on the beach but the sport can also be enjoyed at rivers and tide flats. Riding a wave is considered to be a more advanced form of skimboarding than flatland skimboarding. Flatland skimboarding takes place mostly in shallow water and skimmers perform a variety of stunts that are derived from skateboarding. It is not uncommon to see skimmers Inflatable paddle board who are practicing flatland skim boarding perform ollies and shove-its. As a beginner you will need to master the basic techniques first and then you can try riding waves, grinding rails or other complicated skateboarding tricks. Sand skimboarding is considered to be a beginners sport because it is relatively easy. Easy or not skimboarding is a lot of fun no matter what level you are at.

To enjoy the sport of skimboarding you are goin to need a skim board. Normally a skimboard is mid-chest high. The thickness of a skimboard can vary anywhere between 3/8 inch to 1 inch. Skimboards also have a nose lift or a rocker. There are three different types of rockers. The first is the constant rocker. In this type of rocker the board has a constant curve from nose to tail. A board that has this kind of rocker will have better control on bigger waves. This is why it is favored by more advanced skimboarders. The second type of rocker is called a hybrid rocker. A board with this type of rocker has a partial curve. Three fourth of the board will have a curve and the remaining part of the board will remain flat. This flat part is usually the tail of the skimboard. Hybrid rockers are the most commonly used type of rockers. The last type of rocker is the traditional rocker which only has a slight curve for the nose.

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