How a Close Up Magician Can Improve a Corporate Event

Inviting a close up magician to your UK corporate event can help break up the monotony that often happens during business affairs. Whether the event is a weekend-long seminar at a hotel or a simple afternoon luncheon, a magic performer can help break the ice and improve company morale. The employees may feel like they are being rewarded while watching the show, since laughter and amazement is usually appreciated by busy professionals.

Not every magician on the market works corporate events. Some specialise in weddings, birthday parties, or other celebrations, but many are also adept at working with business people and putting on a memorable show. Knowing what to look for in a close up magician and scheduling the show at the right time can make your next corporate event more than just another business meeting.

Researching Magicians

Before hiring, it’s important to interview a magician much like you would a prospective employee. Discuss rates, locations served, availability, experience, and types of magic magicien Nice performed. You can even run a Google search on your magician and see if their name pops up. If the magician you’re interviewing claims to have worked hundreds of business affairs, his name should pop up at least once in a search engine.

If you’re having a large corporate affair, make sure you hire enough magicians. A reputable performer will usually have recommendations of other performers he or she works well with. He may also have a small team of magicians he works with on a regular basis to handle large parties. It’s often a good idea to meet the other team members before the event to ensure they will work well with your business image.

Types of Shows

After choosing a magician you need to pick the type of show that works best for your event. The two main types are table magic shows and stage shows. Most close up magicians enjoy doing table magic right at the guests’ table. This allows the experience to be more personal and lets the magician interact one-on-one with each guest.

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