The Truth About How To Eliminate Bed Bugs

The ever increasing cases of bed bug infestations have caused authorities to be alarmed and look into this problem. It has been widespread and has affected different establishments like houses, movie houses, apartments, schools, hotels, motels and even cruise ships. It is said that out of ten American homes six of them will surely have these annoying insects. It is indeed alarming but because these pests do not threaten to be a serious health concern and because of that the problem has died unsolved.


Scientifically called Cimex lectularius, bed bugs are small wingless insects. Their size makes them almost invisible to the naked eye. These creatures are part of a wide range of insects. The kingdom of insects is so large that they number almost in the millions. Each of the species has their own unique qualities and characteristics. Before the commencement of World War bug infestation was so widespread in the United States.

Records and pest control expert show that there were rampant cases of these pests. It is interesting to note that after punaises de lit 93 World War II the there population has declined tremendously. The concerted efforts of the people and the technological advancement of that time had helped limit the problem.

If these bugs have been eradicated during those years, how come there are still infestations around the country? Where did these modern pests come from?

The bugs should have been eradicated already thus there would be no more at this time. It has been said that the bugs might have originated from other continents like Europe, Africa and Asia. Does that mean that they have crawled across borders until they reached our houses? American travelers have made them comeback. These insects are good crawlers and can live for months without eating. It is said that they have thrived on furniture, luggage, and clothes brought in by these travelers.

The travelers who have stayed in hotels or houses unknowingly infested by the bugs have allowed these pests to travel to our country. They might have found ways to enter the baggage which they made carriers for their cross-border travel. Once the unwary travelers unpacks their baggage, the bugs scurry out and started spreading into the room where they start a new lineage. They will soon infest the whole house.

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