Shield Yourself From Abnormal Sounds by Masking Tinnitus

Masking tinnitus as the name suggests is a technique which covers the annoying sounds audible to the patients suffering from Tinnitus. The history of Tinnitus dates back to ancient times, ever since communication began between human beings. It has been mentioned in ancient Greek texts and Aristotle was the first person to make a statement about this ailment.

Since a problem recognized is a problem half solved therefore, the understanding of the mechanism of this ailment helps the patients in dealing with the problem better. Moreover, what is known and clear to a person is less scary; therefore it makes Silencil sense to get to the roots of the problem, its causes, symptoms etc so that it does not sound mysterious and hence petrifying to the sufferers.

The ringing in the ears may not be disturbing in a crowded place or during rush hours because of the traffic sounds. However, it gets aggravated and causes chagrin at times when one needs to focus to be attentive or in night, when one needs to sleep. At such times masking Tinnitus comes to one’s rescue. These masks are available in the form of CDs and MP3 records which produce either natural and soothing sounds like rainfall or artificial sounds like white noise.

Apart from these masks, the patients may also try out some simple home remedies. These include listening to the sounds such as the running water from a tap, sounds coming from the radio when they have not been tuned in at proper stations, sounds generated by some fans, air -conditioners etc. Placing one’s head over a pillow or two may also be helpful. Simple listening to the radio or television may prove beneficial too in covering the disturbing sounds of Tinnitus, which become too obvious at night due to the silence.

As in the case of some other treatments, certain patients are skeptical about trying out the method of masking Tinnitus because they feel that it may the case of the proverbial ‘between the devil and the deep blue see’. They feel it is not the right approach of trying to suppress one noise by another. However, such people can get rest assured about the significance of the masking Tinnitus techniques if they put it to test. The faucet test, in which the patients are asked to stand besides a running tap, conceals the ringing sounds in their ears.

Hence, it becomes evident that if the sound of running water from a tap can mask their Tinnitus, so can masking, whether it is a home remedy such as the recording of the sound of running water or a commercial masker for Tinnitus.

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