Convention & Meeting Facilities Gather People With Similar Interests

Convention and meeting facilities include small-sized rooms that can only accommodate 6 people to as large as a 350,000 square foot convention hall that can cater to more than a thousand people. These rooms must also be equipped with the proper sound and video equipment using a good acoustical design. Convention and meeting facilities differ in size and amount of equipment required depending Meeting Room Equipment on the size of the room. These rooms used for conventions and meetings are often found in hotels, schools, halls and other buildings which are designed according to these purposes.

A convention or a meeting refers to the gathering of individuals within a given time and place to discuss or engage in some business or common interests. Meetings are often done within offices or business establishments to discuss issues regarding the company. However, a convention or a meeting can also refer to a class, conference, exhibition or event where a group of people numbering to as small as a group of three to as large as 10,000 is present to observe and participate.

Examples of conventions include:

  • Trade conventions – involve particular industries or segments and feature keynote speakers, vendor displays, and other activities such as craft making & trading, tattooing, livestock industries, agricultural, and commercial & retail industries among many others
  • Professional conventions – involve issues on different professions and advancements in professions such as those relating to business management, computer technology and different sciences among many others
  • Fan conventions – feature displays, shows, and sales with fans participating by wearing costumes of their favorite characters such as those from Star Wars, Star Trek, Heroes, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and others that are based from movies, television shows and comic books
  • Hobby conventions – include comic books, gaming, model railroads, action figure collection, cars, and weapons to name a few

Conventions and meetings are often planned and coordinated especially those for big events. People from the convention’s hosting company are assigned for these or event planners or coordinators are otherwise hired. Most company buildings and large cities have convention halls or centers which are built to host such events. However, many hotels have also provisions for conventions and meetings within their own facilities. These include meeting rooms, theaters, classrooms, banquet rooms or halls, and guest rooms among many others. Projectors, sound systems, computers, and video conferencing amenities are often included for convention and meeting packages.

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