Impressing Clients at Meetings

When you are meeting with potential or present clients always remember that business etiquette and manners is extremely important. It’s all about them and the service you’re providing to them. Always remember not to talk too much and listen to there needs and requirements. If you still find yourself sweating and panicking for clients meets, here are a few ways to charm them right away.

o While setting up a meeting choose a venue or meeting room that is convenient to the client and easy for them to get to. The time and date should suit their schedule. From the very beginning the clients should feel looked after.

o Call in a couple of days before the meeting to confirm the meeting. In case of any rescheduling and cancellations you can have enough time this way to rework your schedule.

o On the day of your important meeting be fresh and dress well. Always dress formally, well ironed trousers and a crisp shirt is always a good choice. If you dress and look neat it creates a good impression and people will take you more seriously. It may sound silly but it’s true!

o Being punctual is extremely important. Time is precious and everyone has so little of it. Your client’s time is as important as yours. If you think you’re going to be delayed in any way, call you clients Meeting Room Equipment and let them know. No one likes to be kept waiting for nothing.

o Prepare well for your meeting. Always remember whatever doubts and queries your clients have, you should be able to answer them all with ease and conviction. No every single detail of the topic that needs to discussed and be passionate about what you can offer. Be careful with introductions and address everyone with respect and courtesy, you are not meeting your friends so no first names here.

o Keep you cell phones and pagers off. It is rude to use them when you are out for a meeting. Everything else can wait.

o The meeting room that you choose should have a good ambience and have all the facilities you need for the meeting. It should not be noisy or have a lot of distractions. Make sure that the business lounge you choose mirrors your style and company image. Some business lounges have the added facilities of arranging transport, making lunch or dinner reservations and even have your couriers sent for you. If you are just starting out and don’t have a dedicated meeting room, choosing a fully equipped business lounge is a good option.

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