Military Survival Kits: Wouldn’t You Like To Build Your Own?

Why are military survival kits important? Because lives depend on them every day. After all, who else is ready for an emergency on a moments notice? The military. Survival Kit, 16 in 1 Professional Survival Gear Tool Emergency  Tactical First Aid Equipment Supplies Kits Gifts Idear for Men Him Women  Families Hiking Camping Fishing Adventures: Sports & Outdoors

After reading this, you’ll know the items to include in a military survival kit. I’ll also show you great examples of military survival kits.


With military survival kits, the bag or container is essential. What makes it unique is that it can stand adverse weather very well. Another unique feature is the color. Drab colors help conceal your precious gear. On the other hand, try running around in a bright orange backpack full of medical supplies. With it, you are an advertising beacon for thugs to steal your cargo. Low key color is the way to go survival tools and equipment.

Another feature designed into military kits is the compartmentalization. The cargo pockets are great for shelter, food, communications, signaling mirrors, medical supplies or ammo.

A great example of a kit with compartmentalization is the LC-2 LBE. It serves well as a 72 hour survival or evasion type kit. It’s not your traditional system. But it has the essentials to support 1 person for 1-3 days. You can also use it for day hiking.


With your military style bag in place, it’s time to fill it with the right contents. There’s not much gadgetry. The key is to use failsafe gear. And where possible, use redundancy so if one item fails, you have a backup.

Also, with military kits, you want everything to be as light and as small as possible. Lightweight fire starting gear might include Fresnel lens magnifier, magnesium fire starter and storm matches. Other gear would include rescue flash signal mirror, baseplate compass and snare wire.

If you want to mimic a true military kit, check this out. The Evade Military Survival Kit which was designed for the 1-502nd Infantry Regiment. It has gear for signaling, survival tools, water collection, purification and fire starting.


In the end there’s no such thing as a single military survival kit that everyone in the military gets. Some services get specialized kits that are unique to their operational needs.

Also, quite often, military personnel are expected to augment their own kit with gear chosen by themselves. For you it will be the same. As you are putting your own military kit together, forget the shrink wrap junk that’s in the stores.

So, here’s what to do next. Every 2 weeks or so, go visit the surplus store and pick up just one item. Add it to your kit, and soon enough, you’ll be ready!

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