Texas Holdem Poker Tips – Learn How to Play Aces in Texas Holdem and Win Big

In texas holdem poker everyone, religious 에이스홀덤 or not, prays for
pocket aces. They are the strongest starting hand in holdem and
come around about once every two hundred and eleven hands.

You may not get pocket aces often but playing them correctly when
you do, could mean the difference between winning and losing. You
want to make sure you get the maximum payoff but you also want to
make sure you don’t lose your shirt.

One way to learn how to play aces properly is to learn how NOT to
play aces. So let’s look at a recent hand I played where I was dealt
pocket aces.

I was playing $.25 – $.50 no limit texas holdem. I was dealt Ac and Ah.
There were two big preflop raises that I was more than happy to call.
The flop came down Js, 3c, and Jc. I checked.

He checked and we went
to the turn, which came down Qh. I placed a big bet of $5 (hey, it’s
big at a $.25 – $.50 table). He called. The river card came down
8c. I checked.

It turns out he was holding pocket queens and beat my aces with a full

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