Will a Constitution Ban All Form of Psychic Science?

The First Amendment of the US Constitution protects free speech and the press and it was the basis of the American Revolution, as well as of the subsequent protection for religious speech under the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution. Now, one could say that the United States enjoyed a “rite of passage” when it was formed, with its Constitution and all the other fundamental documents and it certainly needed protecting from censorship, since a new generation of Americans was about to embark on a frontier. There have been periods in our history when our national outlook was badly off balance and we needed the courage to stand up to censorship. That is why, in the United States, we have the first amendment tin tuc khoa hoc.

Arthur Findlay College – Anthony Mikolojeski

The “Book of Discipline” which comprises the constitution and all the Articles of Organization of the Sheriffs’ Association, along with the rules and regulations of the Supreme Court of Texas, clearly indicates that it is within the power of the state to ban any corporation, association, or person from practicing psychic arts, or from teaching psychic arts to its students, or from exercising any right vested in the psychic’s community under the constitution and under the law. And, therefore, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the rights of all citizens to practice the religion, speech, press, and other constitutional freedoms. So, is there a law against using spiritual guides?

The courts have allowed companies to be involved in spiritual healing before they had to file their disclaimer stating that they do not practice voodoo science. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects against federal law interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of free exercise of religion, as applied by the states. The vagueness of the word, “unnatural” is what the separation of powers in the US Congress must solve. Clearly, the US Congress cannot be allowed to pass a law that allows corporations to become virtual terrorists, and to use spiritual guides and mediums to carry out their evil objectives. Apparently, we need a separate concurring opinion by the United States Supreme Court to resolve the problem of corporate worshiping of beings.

It should be noted also that the state is not required by the United States Constitution to allow registers of votes for spiritual purposes. Clearly, the first amendment does not extend to the use of words like “voodoo” in an attempt to ban the practice of psychic science. Although the Louisiana legislature passed an ordinance against “fortunetelling” in 2021, the state court of Appeals of Louisiana has refused to review the case. Whether that court rules in favor of the plaintiffs or against them will have zero bearing on the power and ability of any registered member to practise voodoo or fortune telling.

Therefore, the question remains whether a constitution, supposedly protecting the rights of all citizens, can be passed that authorizes the state to ban all forms of free speech. As the Louisiana State Legislature has found the Louisiana constitution to be inadequate, it seems obvious that the state would be well served to revise the original constitution in order to protect the rights of all citizens, including the rights to practise free speech. Perhaps, then, the Louisiana State Legislature might consider all suggestions made in this article to be posted with amendments at the courthouse and to amend the existing statutes. Indeed, it may be worth the effort to revisit the issue and see if those suggestions can better serve the common good rather than advance the interest of those who wish to ban all forms of free speech. Please think on it.

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