Why Should You Take an Enzyme Supplement?

Enzymes are actually protein chemicals that carry a significant energy factor required for each chemical reaction and action that takes place in your body. Every body tissue, organ, as well as all “100 trillion” cells depend on the metabolic enzymes reaction and energy factor.

Simply put, enzymes turn your food into energy then release this energy to be utilized in your body. The body is capable of naturally producing both metabolic and digestive enzymes.

Approximately, there are 1,300 different enzymes in the “human cell” capable of combining with coenzymes in order to form about 100,000 a variety of chemicals which are responsible of making possible for you to hear, see, feel, digest food, move and think.

Because 90 percent of food consumed by average Americans is processed or cooked at temperatures higher than “118 F”, it results to less nutrition, incomplete digestion and stress on the digestive system, that leads to more digestive difficulties.

The heat, whether from, steaming, micro waving, roasting, broiling, sauteing, stir frying, pasteurizing, and other sources involved in food preparation destroys the enzymes in food, reason for taking enzyme supplement. Statistics estimates point out that about 20 to 75 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders at some point.

Generally, enzymes deliver nutrients, digest food, carry toxic wastes away, purify your blood, deliver hormones by way of fortifying and feeding your endocrine system, feed your brain and balance triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body.

All these contributing factors contribute aids in strengthening your body’s immune system.

Can raw food guarantee sufficient enzymes body requirement?

Digestive enzymes commonly are secreted alongside your digestive tract in order to break down food into wastes and nutrients. Metabolic enzymes accelerate chemical reactions inside the cells that results to energy production and detoxification.

Food enzymes actually are introduced in your body by way of raw foods however it only sufficient to digest that specific food (the raw food that you consumed).

Note that raw foods do not supply extra enzymes to digest processed or cooked food.

Besides, even if consuming raw foods seems a great solution, generally, it is not practical and medically not advisable because of bacterial contamination risk and many foods must not be consumed raw such as poultry, meat, beans and eggs.

Enzyme supplements benefits

The only way obtain and replace lost enzymes is through supplemental enzymes that will enable you to obtain more food nutrition and the digestive organs can expend less effort on food digestion yet more effort on energy to keep the body healthy.

Enzyme supplements “break down fats” effectively

Lipase digests fat. If this type of enzyme is added daily to your food, it will break don or digest fat deposits in your digestive tract.

This effectively takes off the stress in your liver, pancreas and gallbladder. Enzyme supplements aids in shedding off excess weight A lot of overweight individuals suffer from metabolism imbalance; your “endocrine system” is responsible for your metabolism. So once you are capable of fortifying your endocrine system, you will get regular bowel movements and digest food instead of turning it to fat.

Enzyme supplements improves your mental capacity

Your body utilizes glucose which is called from and stored in your liver to fortify your hypothalamus. Your  Sonavel hypothalamus is the one that directs the endocrine system as well as balances emotions.

Plant enzymes which are derived from protein rich foods, help strengthen your liver to successfully perform this function. “Red blood cells” carry nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, glands and all body organs, including your brain.

However, nutrients can be only delivered all through your body by way of the “enzyme delivery system”, that, when not properly accomplished, your body becomes more fatigued resulting to not being able to think clearly.

Enzyme supplements can improve the look of aging skin

Researchers Anthony Cichoke and Amber Ackerson based in Portland Oregon revealed that enzymes combats the skin’s aging process through increasing the skin’s blood supply, supplying it with invigorating nutrients then effectively carry waste products away which is responsible for making the skin look unhealthy and dull

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