Some Skin Care Advice During the Cold Season

Many people just love the cold season. They can wear their own-picked winter wardrobe and they can cuddle under their comfortable blankets. Cold season can also affect our epidermis. It can bring dryness that can further bring irritation and eczema. So what are the best ways to fight the cold season and have a healthy epidermis? These are some tips on how to maintain your skin healthy while enjoying the colds of winter.

One of the enemies when it comes to cold season is the drying of skin. Many people don’t know that when they use their heating devices, the moisture of their derma is decreased. This is because as the humidity of the place is lowered, our epidermis gets drier because of the lack of moisture. With this, it is advised by the leading dermatologist, David Hoffman, that the routine for the skin care should be changed in order to give it a healthy look inside and out. This means that you should have your different skin care routine for the changing seasons because your epidermis has different needs depending on the environment.

As the cold season approaches, you should increase moisturizing your skin to prevent the severe dryness that it can have. It is advisable that you choose the moisturizer that is hypoallergenic and non-irritating so that your derma’s normal pH balance will not be disturbed. Clayton Shangal Elasthy Gel can stimulate the elastin fibers and can enter up to the skin’s dermis layer. This can help moisturize it naturally giving it natural glow.

Since it is cold season, people love to spend their time in their hot shower and enjoying the heat that it can give. The problem is, too much heat can really dry the epidermis. So better bathe with just lukewarm water and increase your moisturizer.

If you are fond of using fragranced skin products such as soap and bath gels, you should know that these products can remove the moisture that your derma has because of the anti-oxidative  Derma Prime Plus components present in the products. This also applies to detergent soaps and fabric conditioners. So better use fragrance-free products to keep the natural moisture of your skin.

Another way of keeping it moisturized is by using humidifier in order to avoid itchiness and dryness that can really irritate the skin. Remember that dry air can give you your most unwanted epidermis condition. Also, wear clothes that are made of natural fabric to give your skin enough venue to breathe. Its suffocation happens when you wear synthetic fabric. Keeping your body fully wrapped can protect your derma from the cold temperature of the season that can dry up your skin.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water every day to keep your skin moisturized. Drinking water can hydrate your epidermis and help maintain its natural moisture. Also visit your doctor to help you with the dryness of your derma and prevent further irritation and epidermis disease

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