3 Things I Did With My Smart Phone Today – And You Could Too

Everyday I have conversations with people who think that they don’t need a smart phone. The reason for this is that, when comparing mobile phone deals, they think that a smart phone is only a phone that receives emails. They don’t fully appreciate the value of a smart phone and what it can do for them.

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If you don’t think you need to update your mobile handset, I do hope that you will continue to read this article. Below I outline three things that I, personally, have done today on my smart phone that have made my life simple redmi note 8.

Checked the weather and looked at weather radars – I have an iPhone and there is application from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that allows me to get the weather and also check radar maps to see if rain is coming. If you worked outside, for example in a trade, then this application can be great for you as you can use it to plan your day- i.e. if the rain is coming maybe you should do an inside job.

Checked the stats on one of me websites – Whilst sitting down for a coffee this morning I thought I would make use of the few minutes I had waiting to be productive. I logged in to my web analytics package to see how many clicks I’d had yesterday and also how much money I’d made. Thankfully it had been a good day. You can do something like this too. With smart phones now moving in to touch screen and with larger screen sizes it is now easy to surf the Internet on your phone. In the old days it wasn’t really possible because of the small screens but this is now no longer the case.

Took a photo and immediately uploaded it to twitter and Facebook – Now, for me this was a funny photo that I uploaded to my personal Facebook profile and personal twitter feed but smart phones can be used in this way for business purposes as well. An example of this is in the real estate industry. If you are a real estate agent you could take photos of a newly listed house and place it on Facebook and Twitter. Those who follow your feed can immediately see your photos. This can speed up the sales process meaning that you get your commissions faster!

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