Low Carb Diet – An Effective Tool for Healthy Living

Many people are turning to a low carb diet to help them lose weight. This kind of diet limit the amount of carbohydrates consumed, and has many types as well. Some require dramatically reducing carbohydrate consumption, while others require lowering carbohydrate intake by reasonable amounts. The American Academy of Family Physicians defines a low-carb diet as those that limit carb intake to only 20 to 60 grams a day, but many diets labeled low-carb allow more than 60 grams a day.

The diet is based on the assumption that a diet low in carbohydrates more closely matches the diet of primal man, which naturally consisted of fruits, vegetables, and meat from animals. Only with the introduction of agriculture did man finally get used to eating grain-based diets high in carbohydrates. With the later development of refined carbohydrates, diabetes soon became a problem.

There are many diets labeled low carb, such as the Atkins diet, developed by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1960s; the Stone Age diet by Walter Voegtlin; and the Scarsdale diet by Dr. Herman Tarnower. Other Px7 primal flow diets include the Zone Diet, the Protein Power Lifeplan, The Primal Blueprint, the Go Lower Diet, the Earth Diet, and the South Beach Diet. These diets all limit carbohydrate intake, and aim to control blood sugar levels and hormone production in the body.

Diets low in carbohydrates mean the whatever is consumed must be high quality, or slow-digesting, complex carbs so that it would provide a steady flow of energy to the body throughout the day. Foods such as oats, peas, beans, and most fruits are staples of low carb diets. These foods do not affect blood sugar levels much, and so do not require the body to release insulin. Foods to eliminate from a low carb diet are starchy foods such as white rice, white bread, potatoes, and sugar-laden desserts, as these cause a spike in blood sugar levels, leading to as spike in insulin as well.

There have been many controversies surrounding the low carb diet, such as the unhealthiness of getting too many calories from fat and protein. Critics contend that this puts a lot of strain on the liver, leading to complications down the road. Proponents responded by specifying the ideal sources of calories for those on a low carb diet. They included fish, chicken breast, and very lean beef cuts.

Another issue raised was that limiting carbohydrates entail limiting the intake of fruits and many vegetables, as these are high in carbohydrates. This may lead to deficiencies in vitamin and mineral intake. However, many fruits are actually mostly just water, and whatever carbohydrates they have are in a form that will not affect blood sugar levels much.

Diabetes and weight management cease being problems when carbohydrates are limited. Hormone levels are maintained at desired levels, leading to better metabolic functioning. Having limited food choices also force people to pick only the most nutritious foods available to them. The low carb diet is an effective tool for people wanting to stay healthy and in shape.

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