How I Turned a Flat Belly Into Six-Pack Abs, and How You Can Achieve the Same Results

I was a fat dude. And like most over-weighed guys out there I tried everything and failed. Trust me you are not alone, and I promise you are not a lost case.

I was able to transform my flat belly into six-pack abs. I lost 20 kilograms, 10 of them in one month and you can achieve the same results. You just need the right information. Let me point you in the right direction…

#1. Boost your metabolism.

The calories you burn via workout are not as important as the ones you lose through your metabolism. During a regular training session you can lose only a couple hundred calories, but if you Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews increase your metabolism you will lose thousands of calories during the day.

Low-intensity cardio, like running on an elliptical machine for hours, will make you lose muscle mass and as a result your metabolism will slow. Now you understand why it is so hard for you to lose a couple of kilograms.

Building muscle mass will increase your metabolism and will help you burn calories, even while you sleep. You can use a high-intensity routine to achieve this, and the best part is that you will only have to train 5 to 10 minutes each day. Once you improve your fitness level you will only have to train every other day.

#2. Engage your whole body in your workout routine.

You will only need to train 5 to 10 minutes to get amazing results, but you need to engage your whole body on every exercise, to achieve the results you are seeking. For example, when you train for hours in a bicycle, or on an elliptical machine, you are mainly working your legs, and the rest of your body is not receiving the benefits of your routine.

#3. Dieting is more important than training.

You need to understand you can’t over-train your mouth. If your diet programs your body to store fat it won’t matter if you train 24 hours a day, you won’t lose weight. In the gym you lose grams but on the kitchen you will lose kilograms.

Please don’t fall in the trap of the caloric-deficit. Many people believe that if they limit the amount of calories they eat in a day they will lose weight. This is a big misconception. You don’t need to limit the amount of calories; you need to program your body to burn calories. I eat, as much as I want whenever I desire, the secret is that I eat food that sets my body in burn mode. I never count calories.

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