The Bill to Legalize Online Poker and Online Blackjack

I have always wondered why our government doesn’t try to least legalize online poker. Not unlike online casino gambling which is much more of a game of chance online poker is so much more about skill than online casino gambling could ever be. When you are playing poker against an opponent you not only have to be a master psychologist but you also have to have a great memory and be very good at mathematics pussy888.

Now let me explain why you need all of this. You need to be a master psychologist in order to understand your opponent better to know when he’s bluffing or when he’s trying to take your whole chip stash away from you. The poker player that can better read his opponents will always have the advantage over them. You also have to be a good at math because you have to be very good at spotting the betting pattern of your opponent. If you can understand the betting pattern of your opponents you will then be able to know in what Hands they will most likely that more of their chips and in what hands they will likely be a little scared to bet a lot. To cap this off you need to have a very short memory in order for you to remember all of this. This is why the great poker players like Daniel Negraneu have a distinct advantage over other players. Now in explaining why online poker is more of a skill game online casino gambling we will now go over the new possible bill that could legalize online poker.

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The bill to legalize online poker is called the Menendez bill because it was introduced to the Senate by Robert Menendez. This bill is passed would legalize not only poker but other online games of skill like blackjack and it seems like it would make a distinct difference between online poker, blackjack and other forms of Internet gambling. Not only does he endorse this bill that Congressman Ron Paul also endorses it on the grounds that playing games of skill is not just to make money or for fun but it is also your unalienable right and freedom to choose. If this passes through and becomes law it reverse the old decision that made online poker illegal. The original bill made it illegal because it attacked bank and credit card money transfers made to online casinos and essentially make this process illegal.

Another advantage to passing this new bill for our government would be the windfall tax profits that our government would stand to make from this. Now don’t you guys think with all of the financial problems that our country is going through that billions of dollars of poker tax profits would really be a relief as that money could be put to good use not only in helping our government maintain itself financially but that money could also be deferred towards helping mortgage owners to actually get some relief and lower their monthly mortgage payments. Now I’m sure that I am not the only one that has thought of this but I’m making my feelings known. I think this would not only be a terrific idea for the many avid poker players in our country but it would be an even better idea and helping out not only our country but the middle class that is now struggling to make ends meet.

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