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These shining pearls in our mouth are quite a thing to maintain and upkeep! We all know that a visit to a dentist pinches your pocket more that a visit to a general physician. Also, in case you damaged your teeth, it will cost you thousands of dollars to get the best set and feel! Therefore, the idea is to keep your teeth healthy and clean first and then think about whitening them.

What about teeth whitening kits? 펄안마

One of the most popular questions asked on the internet is about teeth care and especially whitening. Most people seem to share the same dilemma about getting the best teeth whitening solution in the market. Let some facts be thrown open in front of you for a better understanding of these self proclaimed teeth whiteners:

Most of the products that you will find in the market work on ‘abrasion’ principle. That is, they ‘polish’ out your teeth with use of abrasives – which is strictly prohibited. Excessive abrasion may help you achieve the unnatural whiteness but at the same time will wear away your natural teeth enamel cover, leading to hyper-sensitive teeth! That means you will perceive the hot as hotter and cold as colder! Not just that, the food enzymes and chemicals will slowly eat into your teeth and gums (not to mention, the increased bacterial exposure) leaving you with a set of teeth only for ‘decorative’ purpose. It also wears off the calcium in the teeth slowly.

So in case you’re looking for whitening kits, look for those which have a gel-based formula and not too many acidic/corrosive chemicals in it. Here you will get to know all about teeth whitening at home.

Home Teeth Whitening

If you follow the following teeth care steps, it will not be long before you actually get a set of beautiful white teeth.

• Cleanliness: Undoubtedly, the ritual of getting whiter teeth is to keep your teeth clean and maintain your oral hygiene. It is often the food that is the main culprit that destroys our teeth rather than any external chemicals. Brushing your teeth twice a day is highly recommended; however, you can also brush post lunch, but use a softer brush and no toothpaste. The soft brush will ensure that food stuck at all the hard to reach places is brushed off, decreasing the risk of any prospective build-up of plaque or tarter.

• Massaging: Our gums are the entities that hold the teeth in place and thus, they require a lot of massage to keep healthy and hold the teeth tightly in place. Use a pinch of sodium bicarbonate powder to massage your teeth and gums – not only will that fight the tarter and kill all germs but will also work wonders for your teeth whitening routine at home. For extensive whitening and good massaging, you can also use a little vinegar with the pinch of sodium bicarbonate powder.

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