cruelty-Free Cosmetics Give You Beautiful Eyelashes

Those who suffer from thinning or short eyelashes would do well to invest in mink eyelashes. Real mink eyelashes contain the soft hair found on the mink tail of the Siberian or Chinese mink. The hairs in mink eyelashes, however, are typically from the new synthetic alpaca or cow fiber, rather than the soft hair of a mink. There are many benefits to using mink eyelashes.

mink eyelashes

As mentioned, the mink is very luxurious. The hair in mink is all one color, so it has a natural shine. It can last for years. Because the hair is not animal-based, there is no glue used to keep the mink eyelashes from falling out. This is a major advantage over most other types of cosmetics. Many types of eyelash extensions fall out within just a few weeks, while mink lasts for years.

Mink products are cruelty free because the mink eyelashes come from a completely natural source. These synthetic fibers are biodegradable, so they pose no risks to animals or the environment. No chemicals are used in the production process, so no mink product that contains glue or acrylics has been tested for toxicity or safety. There are no pesticides used on the mink farms that produce the hair, so the animals remain healthy. For this reason, mink eyelash extensions are an ethical as well as a cruelty-free beauty choice for individuals who want to have long and beautiful eyelashes.

Because mink eyelashes require no synthetic materials and are not glued together, these lashes are easy to put together and take apart for every single day wear. This makes them extremely convenient and a popular choice among many people who are allergic to glue or acrylics. Mink can be worn almost anywhere, even at work, which makes it very functional as well as fashionable. Mink is highly durable and can last for many years without fading, cracking, or breaking.

Because mink eyelashes look so luxurious, it is no wonder that many celebrities and other well-known figures are opting for mink as their eyelash-freshening choice. A simple search for vegan silk mink hair will show you a huge selection of different brands and styles that you can wear to instantly boost your look. Whether you’re looking for something flashy or elegant, there is a style of mink eye makeup that will fit your personal preferences.

If you prefer not to use mink eyelashes but still want to have beautiful eyelash extensions, then a popular alternative is magnetic eyelash extensions. Magnetic false eyelash extensions are very simple to care for and are made of durable synthetic fiber. The majority of false eyelash extensions today use a patented metal magnetic sensor that attaches the mink eyelashes to the eye lids. The mink magnetic extensions stay in place until they are removed by the wearer. These eyelash extensions are popular for those who wish to add more length and volume to their eyelashes and are ideal for nights out on the town.

There are some animal rights activists who believe in using faux fur or mink eyelashes because these animals are not born with these beautiful eyelash tails. Although it is illegal to trade in the flesh of live animals, it is perfectly acceptable to use false eyelash extensions that come from dead creatures. Whether you choose synthetic fiber, mink fur, or a combination of both, you can feel confident that the animals did not suffer for your beauty products. Mink fur and mink eyelashes make great cruelty-free beauty products that are good for your health as well as good for the environment.

If you choose to buy mink eyelashes, you may also be concerned about how to care for them. Caring for your mink hair is quite simple, all you need to do is apply an efficient mascara to hold the curl and sprinkle some silicone based waterproof mascara into the roots of your lashes. Once you have applied your vegan mascara, clean your face and lips, apply some vegan silk lashes into the tips of your lashes and gently twirl them in upward and outward motions until you get the desired look. You may even consider using a curling iron to create a sexy look or a glittering look if your eyeshadow compliments your eye colour. With a few simple steps, you can have gorgeous eyes with vegan silk lashes.

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