Shopping in Surat And Luxurious Surat Hotels

The second largest city of Gujarat, Surat is famous for its textile industry and also offers numerous options to shoppers. Read on to know more about shopping in Surat and also check out some luxury Surat hotels.

Surat is located on the western coasts of Gujarat and is an important port city since olden times. It is primarily a well developed industrial town that is also quite famous for its diamond cutting industry. The city is located on the bank of the River Tapti and is said to be one of the cleanest cities in India. Surat is well connected with the rest of the country by roads and railways 레플리카.

Surat is called the ‘Textile capital of India’ and is known for its beautiful saris and handlooms. It has some of the largest handloom and sari markets and is a shopper’s heaven for women who would be spoilt for choice among the huge range of saris on offer. The saris of Surat are famous for their local Zari work that use gold and silver threads and feature high on the list of almost every Indian woman. You will find a number of textile markets and wholesale sari shops in and around the city. For a good deal in saris visit the New Bombay and Old Bombay textile markets that have number of retail shops with a range of hard to resist saris. Be sure to bargain hard and you can get good pieces at reasonable rates.

Surat is also famous for its diamond cutting industry and according to Wall Street Journal almost 80% of the world’s diamonds are cut or polished here. The city earns a significant amount of foreign exchange through export of diamonds and it owes its prosperity to the diamond industry. You will therefore find jeweler shops in abundance and it is also a good place to shop for precious stones and gems. For those looking for some branded shopping in Surat you can find a number of malls and shopping complexes near Dumas Road.

Surat is one of the fastest developing cities in India and you can find a number of good quality hotels of various price ranges. Some of the luxury hotels in Surat like Gateway Hotel and Khanvel Resort, etc. offer numerous extra facilities and also provide a superior standard of service to its guests. These luxury hotels in Surat could be a bit pricey but the comfort provided is worth the splurge. They also provide many extra facilities like complimentary breakfasts and pick/drop service.

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