An Introduction to Blogging – Part 2

If you have read our previous articles about the New Media Revolution of blogging, you may now understand just how widespread it is and you may also have a basic idea of the impact it can have on your personal business. But you’re probably asking “How can I get started?”

I may be able to offer some general advice and tips to help get you started, but if you need a more comprehensive set of instructions and information you can get better acquainted with the process using other online resources, such as eBooks.

First, there are many blogging platforms you can use. If you already have a website for your business and you want to host you own blog there are various software programs for this purpose, such as b2evolution, Lifetype, or Serendipity. Otherwise, you can create a blog for free on one of several blog-hosting platforms, like LiveJournal or WordPress.

While blog-hosting websites will have various templates you may choose from, hosting your blog on your business website can be more complicated. If you decide to use a blogging application such as one of those listed above, many of them will provide a limited variety of templates for free use and easy installation. However, if you want your blog to stand out, and you can afford to be more unique, you can also choose to hire someone to design a custom theme for you and in some cases even a company logo for your website.

Regardless of the look and design of your blog, it’s very important to keep it updated every day. As stated in the previous blog entry which inspired this more in-depth look at blogging, you can choose to write several blog posts at once and upload one whenever you need to rather than posting them all at once. This can help you take advantage of any burst of creativity that supplies several blog topic ideas and also gives you topics to fall back on any day you find yourself without new ideas. You don’t necessarily have to spend time every day writing your blog.

You also need to make sure that your topics are relevant to the purpose of your website and your business, if your website is about personal finance chances are visitors to your site will not be interested in reading a blog entry about the Olympic games (unless of course you can find some way to link it to personal finance). For many subjects, you may be able to find a decent supply of blog topics by finding related news articles.

I hope you have found this article helpful, I intend to continue this series with a follow-up article describing various means to profit through your personal or business blog so please return to learn more! Feel free to let us know about your experiences with blogging, whether you are just starting out or already have a successful blog in operation.

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