Get Massaged-Play and Chew your Food!

Receiving body work on a regular basis is not only nurturing but responsible. We have gotten too far away from how to communicate with our bodies on all levels. You need to feel where you have blocks of flow that inhibit good circulation and to know where your body is at all times in terms of stress and tension. Massage helps to get the flow moving to all body parts and removes toxins and stagnancy that can lead to weight gain, cancer and other dis-eases. Pamper yourself and truly be in touch with your body to improve your body image and weight loss.

2. Keep exercise FUN. 수원스웨디시

PLAY! Remember the child you are. Watch kids at play and remember that active and fit person inside of you that wants to come out. Let children be your inspiration. Play with kids when you can, especially your own. Exercise comes in all forms; with and without equipment. House cleaning is a great source of exercise if done on a regular basis. Our jobs can be our play with a positive attitude and a new way of looking at what we are doing. You can take a break every 45 minutes to stretch and perhaps get a short walk in around the office or the building. There are many opportunities to get movement in outside of the gym.
Walk when you can. This is nature’s gift to true heath. It keeps the circulation going. Try a small trampoline inside when you can’t get out and just bounce or jump for a while to keep the blood flowing nicely towards the heart. What’s considered the second pump of the heart is your soleus muscles that reside under your calve muscles and help force the blood back towards the heart as you walk and pump them in other ways. Also, this is the pump for your immune system, your lymph fluid that fights bacteria and dis-ease in the body. Better circulation and better overall health with walking and movement where ever you go.

3. Keep in mind that kids aren’t as weighed down by food…

… as they eat only until they are content and then it is time to play again. They snack when hungry; eating smaller meals on a more consistent basis. This way of eating helps to keep your blood sugar levels even and helps keep your cravings at bay. You won’t be able to reach a point of feeling famished. Keep snacks with you and pack foods when you are not sure when you will be able to eat again. If your body feels that you are not feeding it some sustenance at least every two hours it will think that you are dieting and will hold onto the calories you eat and will not let go until it feels that there is no need to hoard and then it is willing to release the calories to where they need to go, move the rest out and patiently wait for the next log for the metabolic fire. This also saves the adrenal glands form producing unnecessary stress throughout the body. That creates a nice even burn and the body is content and relaxed.

4. Stick with whole foods.

Eat foods in their natural package (the way nature made them), as much as possible. Nature made her foods complete with fiber, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. When you drink carrot juice, for example, you have discarded the fiber and the body knows better and starts looking for the fiber. It will search in the way of potato chips and other foods (and non-foods), to get the fiber back. This could lead to eating binges. You have now also ingested an unnatural amount of carrots that you would not have taken in if you had eaten the carrots whole. This leads to a major imbalance in the system.


This slows you down and brings out the true flavor in food. This practice will help you to know when your stomach has reached its content point. Chewing well and eating more whole foods will bring high satisfaction to your meals and will enhance life energy and caloric burn.
You are now doing your pancreas a favor when you consider that the enzymes that you need to break down the carbohydrates that you take in are produced in the mouth as you chew. (This is the first stage of digestion.) If you bypass this step by swallowing chunks of un-chewed food, your pancreas will have to make up for the lost enzymes by contributing them and this can cause depletion over time leaving undigested food parts floating around in our system and now having to be forced out or stored, perhaps never to be used.

No one wants to grow up and become rigid. No one wants to lose that childhood energy. No one feels as old as their body seems to be when break down and limitations get in their way. I have never met a person labeled with medical ailments that has fully lost the child within and can’t remember the natural energy that they used to have. Inside they feel that they are still young and that bad health is happening to them. If you can keep your body in motion, eat with respect to your bodies needs and look at life with positive eyes you will take many years off your age and you will find your body’s natural body weight.

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