Condoms and Erectile Problems: A Not-So-Solid Link

Many men loathe condoms, but also understand that they are a necessary component of safe sex. And while most men can still have an enjoyable sexual experience with a barrier between their bodies and a partner’s, some find achieving and/or maintaining an erection when using a condom difficult, if not impossible. There are a number of reasons why this might be, and several things men can do about it. Since condoms are imperative to penile health, simply foregoing condoms is almost never the best option. Recent research provides a number of clues concerning what may be behind condom-associated erectile problems.

Might not be the condom

A recent survey of men with condom-associated erectile problems sought to examine whether condoms might really be to blame for their troubles. Researchers took a number of measures from the men, including how correctly they apply condoms, the quality and fit of the products used, their perceptions about condoms and their motivation to use protection. They found a number of correlations with erectile problems both while applying the condom and when engaging in protected intercourse which suggest that, at least for many men, the problem might not be condoms, per se.


Men in the study who reported difficulty staying hard both while applying a condom and when having intercourse also reported a high rate of not feeling that the condom fit “just right.” There are different sizes of condoms made to accommodate a range sm 用品 of girths, and different shapes as well. Men should take the time to find the ones they need.

Correct application

The ease with which a person applies a condom correctly likely contributes to maintaining arousal and erection. Many men in the study with condom-associated erectile problems reported low self-efficacy when applying condoms, meaning the act may require more of their attention and be bound up with worry, both things that can cause a deflation in the downstairs region.


It may be no surprise that men who have erectile problems while using condoms reported high levels of worry and distraction around condom use. But men with such problems also reported high rates of erectile problems when not using condoms. Condoms can become a scapegoat, and the concerns around them, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anxiety about ability to perform is a major turn-off, and men can find themselves trapped in a cycle of erectile problems causing fears causing more erectile problems, etc. Men with general issues staying and getting hard should consult with a medical professional to consider root causes.


Of course, it’s true that sex with a condom feels different, and some men just find it harder to enjoy. There are a couple things men can do, in addition to getting the right-sized condom, to increase pleasure.

First, consider going for thinner (but still reliable) brands. Kimono, for example, is an ultra-thin latex variety that is considered as reliable as thicker brands.

Second, apply a drop of lube to the reservoir tip inside the condom (remember that oil-based lubes can degrade latex, so avoid them when using latex condoms!). This will allow for a much more natural feel.

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