Social Networking For Real Estate

As a real estate investor one of the greatest challenges that we face is finding the right network to help us grow our business successfully. With all of the different components that we need for a thriving real estate team, I have found that the ability to create a large network through social media has become a tremendous asset to my business.

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What I have done is use large social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and YouTube to build my business Pinterest ads. With so many people online today it has become imperative to connect with fellow investors, agents, contractors, buyers, and sellers through social media. There is no other place in the world that let’s you access so many people for free.

One of the advantages of using social media is the ability for you to find specific information about targeted groups or individuals. For example, on Twitter I have an account that has virtually every real estate investor in the country. Whenever I sell a property, I make sure that this list gets some extra tweets about the property, so all of my investors on the list have the chance to contact me.

On average, 50-100 investors from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will look at my property. This is free advertising and these are contacts that I would generally not meet otherwise. My partners and I usually get more calls through social media than the properties we list with real estate agents.

Additionally, I have been able to build on these newfound relationships for future deals. For example, we have a property that some partners and I are selling in Naperville. We found our buyer through Facebook, but also we now have a list of buyers in the area through Craigslist and Twitter. I have even received calls as far away as Pennsylvania from investors who are talking to me not just about this deal, but also commercial real estate deals in Chicago.

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