Screen Printing A T-Shirt, Can It Help Build Your Brand?

Building your brand with a screen printed cdg hoodie t-shirts sounds simple doesn’t it? A quality T-Shirt, screen printed with your logo or informative information about your company could exceed any business owner’s expectations. There are several great things about utilizing a screen printed tee to aid in building a brand. It can be used as a promotional product that is given as a gift or giveaway. When in the hands of your consumers or supporters it is worn acting as free advertisement for a business.

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Screen printing a t-shirt can be more affordable than other advertising and marketing strategies that are used in brand building. Some modern exposure techniques like viral campaigns, mobile campaigns, social media (Twitter, Facebook), celebrity endorsements, and an endless list of others can be very costly and time consuming. These are known to work over time, but ask yourself if you have the time, money or personnel.

Like other promotional products used for marketing a brand, screen printed tee’s rank high with the ceramic mugs, Tritan water bottles, pens and usb’s of the industry. These items are known to give businesses an edge over their competitors, when a first or lasting impression is desired. These top sellers are normally chosen because of their low price and quality.

Looking at quality first is wise when it comes to choosing a T-Shirt to be screen printed, whether the price is five dollars or fifteen, if the fabric cannot withstand the screen printing process it cannot represent your company in a complimentary way.

While researching there were four fabrics that were suggested as “Best” to use for screen printing. Either because of the durability of the fabric or its ability to hold color well. Other reasons for choosing a fabric were because of the opinions given by those who wore the shirts. Things that were mentioned were; the fabric was softer and finer because of the process it was created with or because of its comfort in any type of climate. Let’s compare:

Named because of its count of thread and weight 30 singles fabric has a softer finer feel. Because of its high thread count the fabric is able to achieve a tighter weave leading to a more quality garment. Although it is considered a more quality garment because of its finer feel, it may show more bumps and lumps because of it. This shirt may work for screen print but it would be limited to larger and, more complicated designs

It is in the buyer’s best interest to know the types of fabric along with their qualities before purchasing for a t-shirt to be screen printed. Taking into consideration the type of business you have and your target audience. Consumers commonly shop for a T-shirt that is known for its softer feel or outward appearance. This could limit their shirt options to fabric not easily screen printed.

Choosing a 100% cotton fabric like “Standard” gives a consumer a durable, thicker yet breathable fabric, one that isn’t difficult to take care of and can hold its color better than other options. It is also described as soft and comfortable. It not only has these qualities, but it’s also listed as a fabric that is best to use for Screen Printing. This T-Shirt can be worn by all, ultimately giving a business the ability to use this type of shirt in a variety of marketing ventures.

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