Business Blogs – What Works and Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Does it make sense for you to create a blog for your business? Because blogs are in the news and because they f95zones are much easier to create and update than web sites, you may be tempted to jump aboard the bandwagon. When you browse the blogosphere, however, you will discover that many business blogs serve little purpose. Your blog is only valuable if potential customers or clients read what you have written. A boring or silly blog will waste your time, your customers’ time and may cost you credibility.

Ideas for Blog Posts That Work

As a lawyer who blogs regularly for my own practice and as a consultant working with other law firms and small businesses, I believe that an effective blog needs to have a “voice” and the posts need to fit within certain guidelines. Here are the approaches that I believe are most effective:

1) Use your blog to chronicle case studies. Everyone likes stories and you can use your blog to describe both positive and negative experiences. At my Social Security disability blog, for example, I frequently discuss my experiences representing clients in Social Security hearings. I speak about both positive and negative experiences and I use these case studies to explain what I am learning from my experiences.

If you are in sales, you might describe a sales call or a presentation. What went well and what surprises did you encounter? If you are writing about an experience that did not go well, describe your errors or problems in terms of a learning experience. Humbleness and a willingness to learn from mistakes can be an appealing trait and a blog can be an appropriate platform for addressing your experiences.

Be aware that all of your case studies should not describe negative experiences, but do not feel that your blog has to paint you only in a positive light.

2) Use your blog to report and comment upon current news in your industry. No doubt your subscribe to one or more industry trade journals or online news sources. You can use your blog to summarize news reports from other places (with appropriate credit) and to offer your own commentary.

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