Top 3 Things That Restaurant Owners Should Know About Their Thermal Paper Roll -But Probably Don’t

1. The paper you use in your cash register or credit card machines is called thermal paper.

Thermal paper is paper that is coated on the outside with special chemicals that can react to heat. The printing process used is called thermal printing. Thermal printing is where there are no printer inks you need to change or ribbons you need to buy, rather heat is used which causes chemical reactions on the paper. You can tell thermal paper is different from other paper by scratching the surface with your finger nail, if it turns black, you have thermal paper.

2. Your cash register and credit 出品機紙 card rolls have certified paper grade by the printer manufacture.

Did you know that your credit card and cash registers have printer mechanisms inside the printer that call for certified paper grade? Without the correct paper grade the printer system is prone to jamming, inconsistent printing and a myriad of other issues! This issue in itself could cost you time up front when you are the busiest during your lunch or dinner hours. Fortunately, because of numerous hours put into testing quality paper grade, there will be no such issues with approved paper. If you have access to an approved paper list for your printer please check to see if you are using approved paper!

3. Thermal paper rolls have correct storing techniques that must be utilized for optimum up-keeping of paper.

If you have unwrapped rolls near your kitchen where there are a lot of oils, water, alcohols, esters, ketones, and starch, this enough can blacken the outer paper edges. Also high heat, direct sunlight and UV lights and high humidity can damage the whole roll itself.

Most of you probably did not know that roll papers can come wrapped. By having each thermal paper wrapped you are helping the paper last longer, free of collection of any substance that the outside environment may cause it, and helps keep optimum care for your paper.

Thermal paper rolls come with 5-25 year guarantees by the paper mill as long as the storage procedures have been followed carefully. Please avoid downtime and damage by following simple storage procedures!

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