How to Use Paid and Free Advertising to Make Good Money Online

There are two possible ways for you to advertise online. You can do paid advertising or you can do it for free. I have tried paid advertising a few times and gotten a few results but it actually requires a lot of research to get the best result. No matter what you’re doing to make money online, you will always be required to do research and that can always better your future earnings. Okay, back on track…

Paid Advertising

For paid advertising you can pay someone to advertise your existing ads or you can pay them to do the whole project, meaning they will create the ad and post it. Sometimes you get good results and sometimes you get bad results, it really depends on where you post your ad and what category you want it in. Some ad sites are strict on their posting so be careful where you post. I would rather you learn how to post ads for free and get first hand on what you’re doing before hiring someone else to do the job.

Free Advertising backpage classified advertising

On the other hand is posting on an ad website for the cost of nothing. Ad sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, eBay classified, US Free Classified have free posting, but sometimes are strict on where you post your ad and what kind of content you fill in. For example, sometimes you can’t post ads with titles like “Make Money as Soon as Today” to the job section. These sites just don’t like that, and they will violate your ad and ghost it, meaning it will have a link to you but won’t be active, so pretty much your ad isn’t showing. Some sites won’t take an affiliate link or a link that forwards back to your website. There are videos and tools out there to teach you how to advertise on these sites to make good money online, but with new restrictions coming, it get harder to post nowadays.

Like earlier said, its best you learn how to post freely and manually before paying someone else to do it so that if you hire the wrong person to do so then you will know there mistake. If you can master the way of advertising then you can really make good money online. You can even hire not one, but a whole team to do it for you and generate tons of monthly residual. This would be called “outsourcing” and it is totally legal for internet marketing. But in the meanwhile, learn how to do free advertising and better your knowledge before you advance forward to make good money online.

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