5 Simple Steps to Build Blog Traffic by Writing Comments

It is important to note that links in comments should not be seen as a way of building inbound links to improve your pagerank and search engine rankings. Search engines have devalued the importance and authority of links from the comment sections of blogs because of comment spam.

Also many bloggers have added nofollow to their blogs comment sections. Nofollow means that when Google sees the attribute rel=”nofollow” on links, they will not give any pagerank credit for those links Sherry dyson. The nofollow link to your blog will not influence your blog negatively, it is just a way for search engines to make sure that spammers get no benefit from abusing blog comments.

This does not make links from blog comments useless for a new blog though. Blog comment links are different than a strategy for ranking well in search engines. Links from the comments section of other blogs should be seen as a traffic builder and a relationship builder. It is an opportunity to get traffic from sources other than the search engines.

Search engine rankings are a long-term project so in first few weeks/months you will most probably not be getting a lot of search engine traffic. So while you build your content and your inbound links for SEO purposes, you can write useful blog comments on related blogs to generate some initial traffic and blog awareness.

The word blog is a shortened version of the term “Web log”. Essentially, it is a website, which itself is a collection of Web, or internet pages, images, videos or other digital forms that reside on one or more web servers, which control the images, and are accessible via the internet.

A blog is normally set up and run by an individual, and often for his own personal satisfaction. Entries are added to the blog, on a regular basis, in the form of personal anecdotes, descriptions of particular events, together with other material, such as graphics or video, which will enhance the impact and appeal of his posts.

The entries themselves are commonly displayed with the first entry being available at the end, and newer entries being added before it. Many blogs provide an ongoing discussion, or act as an update for news on a general or specialised subject. Others, however, function as more of a personal diary that is placed on the internet for possible broader interaction.

A blog’s characteristic structure combines mostly text, and sometimes has additional images. There are some that have links to blogs or other web sites whose content is on similar subjects.

An important part of many blogs is the facility whereby readers of the blog are able to leave personal comments and views which can be read by others.

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