Drive Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Blog From LinkedIn

So you diligently created your WordPress blog and filled it with interesting, entertaining, and educational information. It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it because at the end of the day it was a true labor of love. You were writing about something that you truly cared about and sharing your message with the world was the main goal.

At the same time you were adding content to your blog, you probably read an article somewhere that promoted the benefits of building your LinkedIn connections Sherry Dyson. So you set to work adding connections to your profile which now amounts to a fairly respectable number of personal first-level contacts.

Then the reality of the situation began to hit home. Blogs and LinkedIn profiles aren’t like the Field of Dreams, if you build it they still might not come. So now you are stuck with a wealth of knowledge and content that the world at large has yet to see. And your LinkedIn profile sits mostly idle except for an occasional search to find buddies from old jobs.

Wouldn’t it be great if blogging were as simple as sitting down with a friend to share a story, your thoughts, or a point of view? Oh, to be freed from the computer keyboard and writer’s block – to be able to simply say what is on your mind without freezing up in front of the computer screen without any idea what to write? Well, now it can be that simple.

Whether you are an aspiring writer or a professional who wants to share your knowledge and opinions with the world – whether it is writing about food, pets, cars, reporting the news, or simply keeping an online journal – blogging just got easier with the help of Apple’s new iPad, featuring voice dictation. When combined with the blogging app Blogsy, the iPad becomes the ultimate tool for bloggers. I am going to explain to you how easy it is to use. Before you begin blogging, you will need to establish a site for your blog. There are plenty of free options on the web like Blogger, WordPress, Moveable Type, and Drupal, all of which only take a few minutes to set up and even offer themes to make your blog unique. then you can get started.

A blog post’s title is very important. The title not only attracts readers, but it is also what Google’s web crawlers will find when cataloging your site’s data. Make it short, catchy, and to the point. Tap on the grayed-out word, “Untitled.” A cursor will appear, and the on-screen keyboard will pop up. To the left of the space bar is a microphone; this is the button to activate/deactivate the voice dictation function. When you are ready to begin, tap the button, wait for the chime, speak your title, then tap the button again. Within a second or two, your words should appear exactly as spoken. A word of advice: When you are using voice dictation, remember that the microphone is on the top of the device (look for the hole directly above the camera on the aluminum side). It helps to lean the iPad toward you when speaking. It is also very important to speak slowly and enunciate your words. Try not to whisper or use slang, as the iPad will probably get it wrong, and you will just end up wasting time with edits.

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