Building Games For Kids

Why are so many kids playing online and video games when there are so many wonderful ‘physical’ building games for kids like LEGO, Meccano, Mega Bloks, jigsaw puzzles etc out there F95ZONE. As good parents don’t we need to be a little more selective about the games we give our kids? Isn’t it important to retain a good balance between ‘old and new’ when it comes to the games we give our kids for presents?

There is a huge amount of evidence to show that LEGO, for example, encourages design and creativity skills in children. They are educational as they teach all sorts of eye and hand coordination skills. It is arguable that kids can get some of those skills with computer games but it surely is no replacement for creating structures that require hundreds of small, tiny or larger building pieces to be physically constructed with fingers that are still developing.

I have always given my kids jigsaw puzzles, LEGO, Meccano etc for their presents even though they also play computer games. I think it’s a good balance of traditional and modern game playing for them. I don’t believe in refusing my kids computer games that are popular as long as they aren’t harmful.

Many parents will agree, I suspect, that if you try to ban something from the home, kids will somehow manage to get hold of or do it elsewhere. Better to know the kids are playing non-offensive computer games in the living room than x-rated video games at their friends houses.

The best construction games I’ve purchased over the years have kept my little ones interested for hours. I’ve purchased Building blocks, LEGO, Jigsaw puzzles, Erector Meccano and more over the years for my kids. I only pay for toys and games that have a good reputation and will encourage independent play. The 2011 Lego sets are just as challenging as they have always been. Building and construction games also have to have some form of educational value. For me, the best building games will educate as well as giving hours of fun.

Building for children is an essential educational activity. Sometimes building games for kids or construction games are known as brain building games. A good brain building game will usually educate whilst also being excellent fun.

Examples of good brain building games for kids are jigsaw puzzles, LEGO bricks, Meccano, quizzes etc. Anything basically that requires a child to reason and make decisions or remember and recall information for future reference. Brain building games really help children to develop future skills and abilities.

For the average parent watching their baby or toddler construct and create is a wonderful thing to see. And that wonder continues as we all watch our children grow into adults. Teenagers and adults love LEGO and Meccano too believe it or not! You can also look outside of the box more to find educational games for your family.

My kids love astronomy for example so we purchased the best beginner telescope we could find and now we have a great recreational outside game for the nights. A telescope for kids is building education of our solar system so it’s a fantastic option.

The best way to find safe and fun online games today is to access them through social networking websites. The most popular games on Facebook are well known, but there are some other games that you can access through smaller social networking sites that are every bit as fun. Five of those games are presented here. Look them up and enjoy!

This game designates all players as the Lord of their own country. The goal is to go head-to-head with other Lords in order to benefit their own country. This is a strategic game that includes fighting as well as some strategic thinking to push a country forward.

This is an online role playing game that allows players to work with units of others in defense against monsters. There are a variety of elements, including the ability to move up levels, beat out monsters, perform in quests, and explore elaborately designed fantasy worlds. The game is well developed and is incredibly popular with users who enjoy role play but want more of a video game feel to their online gaming experience.

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