The Power and Flexibility Of The Email

When it comes to email marketing, there are still divided opinions as to whether it is effective or not GoDaddy email login. I find it hard to believe that some people have lost their faith or don’t believe in the capabilities and power of email marketing yet I seem to come across this opinion a lot… that email marketing is ‘old’. With the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as strong competitors for customer engagement over the past few years, many are turning their backs on email marketing and putting more weight on these ‘newer’ more ‘effective’ types of online marketing.

But can we just rely on social media alone? Yeah, social media is great for gaining a fan base and building up an audience, especially if you are a well know brand, but are you really engaging through social media? According to Search Engine Journal 71% of Twitter tweets go unnoticed! Sure, with social media you can post pictures and updates and become more ‘real’ and ‘human-like’ as a business. This definitely can lead to you building a close bond and relationship with your audience, but is this relationship leading to sales?

In many ways email marketing allows you to be much more flexible and allows for better engagement and higher ROI. Where social media platforms are often restricted by factors such as time, email marketing on the other hand is not. There are some elements of engaging with customers through email that people do not take into consideration that are actually very important and make your marketing efforts as a business, much, much, much more easy and accessible.

No matter what type of marketing we are doing, be it through social media or outdoor, our biggest fear is being seen as an annoyance. We are all researching and compiling data about when are the best times to send out posts on Facebook and tweet on Twitter, when women are online most, when people are reading articles and so on and so forth. Our biggest concern is being seen, and when it comes to social media, if we don’t get it right we get lost

Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific time or amount of times for email to be sent. Emails are never opened the minute they are sent… I’m sure most of us have opened emails one week after they were sent. An email inbox is a quiet haven where people can go and spend their time sifting through without having people send them instant messages and interrupt them, taking their attention away from what they’re doing. Therefore, in amongst all the other emails your subscriber will have received during the day, your three or four emails will not be seen as annoying there will probably be many other companies that are doing the same.

Simple is best when it comes to email layout. Another common misconception is that emails need to be jazzy and packed full with images to draw in the readers attention, but what most people forget is that if your email has been opened, it is the subject line that has done enticed the reader. People are interested in what content your email offers, not the images. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or have a graphics department to be able to send out effective and useful emails.

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