How To Become A Blogging Authority

Becoming an authority in your niche has long been recognized as paramount to online financial success. An authority is one who has developed the skills and possesses the knowledge of a specialist in a defined practice area. On the Internet, in order for an authority to develop a reputation as an expert, he or she must be willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and skills. To the online marketer, knowledge only becomes an asset when it is shared with the community.

Most Internet experts have narrowed their field of practice to a specialized topic; search engine optimization Sherry Dyson, programming, traffic generation, keyword evaluation, etc. Often times they are deeply entrenched in their topic to a point of exaggeration. The big question is, “Must one become an expert or an authority in order to successfully market online?” The answer to this question is most probably, “Yes.”

Change online happens at the speed of light. What worked best yesterday is obsolete today. An expert must be up to date on not only what is happening now, but what will most likely happen in the future. By understanding this concept, an expert can influence issues and become a news creator instead of a news reporter. Staying current requires reading and study, daily, no exceptions or excuses. Often times, digging deep into a specific topic is required in order to fully understand its impact on the Internet and the market. The expert must be willing to access data that might be unique and not easily accessible. It is this level of “staying current” that separates the real experts from the rest of the field.

An expert must be able to not only ingest, but also digest massive amounts of information pertaining to their area of expertise. Then, they must be able to separate those ideas that should be retained in file from those that should be sent to the recycle bin. Once the expert identifies quality ideas, he must then orchestrate their composition into a worthy product allowing all that tune in a resource of clarity and simplicity. The expert should deliver solutions to current and expected challenges, clarification to areas of confusion, and new proposals where old techniques have proven inadequate. These solutions must be made available in an understandable format using terminology understandable by the general end user.

Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t mean that’s the way it should still be done. Tradition can be great for uniformity, but it can also cause thought stagnation. An expert should be willing to change the way the community thinks if traditional concepts are outdated or inadequate. Because of their knowledge base, an expert wields a sword of influence capable of changing the way the majority thinks about key business issues.

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