Philippine Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines

In 1986, it was officially used for commercial application. With a fresh fleet of planes and well established connectivity, it is amongst the top airlines in the world presently.

The carrier connects to 31 foreign and 29 domestic locations. PAL has its operating base in Manila and flies to number catering service hk of destinations, including Cebu, Davao and Hong Kong. It consists of a modern and young fleet of aircraft that are classified as safe and comfortable.

The flights offer two different classes, Mabuhay Class (Business) and Fiesta Class (Economy). The Business Class is furnished with in-flight entertainment, glutton meals, and much more. With this, you can also avail the laptop charging point, USB port, and also a recliner seat. Economy Class comprises a touch screen TV and cushioned seats. You may also choose seats with in-flight meals by paying a small extra amount on the regular Philippine Airlines online booking.

The Fiesta passengers are allowed to carry 15 to 20 kgs whereas the Mabuhay passengers can carry 30 to 35 kgs. You can also find a number of special Philippine Airline deals from time to time.

Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airways was founded in the early 1920s post the war in Germany, and has had its fair share of evolution and reached a point where it gives a run for their money to the best in the aviation sector. With its operating base in Berlin, Germany, Lufthansa flights fly to numerous destinations across the world. It touches over 246 locations in America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia. It consists of a large fleet size to cater to its travelers needs. For the long and medium-haul, Airbus 300 and Boeing 700 aircraft are preferred; whereas for the short-haul, Embraer and Bombardier cater to the travelers.

With Lufthansa, you can fly in a private jet or travel in classes like First, Business and Economy. Depending on the class you choose, you would be served your meals. Moreover, you may also acquire a range of in-flight entertainment like music and movies, which might differ for the three classes in terms of available choices.

If you go for Lufthansa online booking or buy a regular ticket or if you are lucky enough to find a special Lufthansa Airline deal for First Class, you can avail of lounge services in numerous cities. The lounges are equipped with resting spaces, meals and a wide range of entertainment facilities. As a regular traveler, you may also be eligible to become a member of Miles & More, the largest frequent flyer program in Europe. It provides a range of discounts and deals, along with other privileges like excess Lufthansa baggage allowance.

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