How to Study For Exams Proven Tips

I used to be exactly like that until I learnt three key things that dramatically changed the way I study for the exam. My results improved a huge amount, I always finished my exams early and my mindset changed as I knew exactly what I needed to do. The thing is that anyone can adopt these into their study preparation CISM exam.

You must find out as much as possible about what is likely to be in the exam. You know which class I was the most attentive in? The class which the lecturer outlined what will be in the exam. I would always ask as many questions as possible. The thing is that all lecturers want you to pass, you just have to be smart about finding out the likely topics that will be covered in the exam.

Get hold of as many previous years exams as possible and make sure you can answer every single question during your study preparation. The trick here is that most lecturers don’t re-write new exams every year, most will re-use old questions and input just a few new ones. (This tip saved me many times, as I always found that almost all my lecturers used questions from previous years)

Use repetition. I always used to think that I could get away with reading over my notes a couple of times and that the information would sink in. Not so! Most people don’t have photographic memories so in order to retain the information during your study preparation you must repeat the key information as many times as possible. So much so that it is like a subconscious response.

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