Cruise Ship Excursion – 10 Money Saving Tips to Outsmart Cruise Liners

Going on a cruise ship excursion? Knowing how to save money on a cruise ship is equally important as having a fun and relaxing time when going on a cruise. Maybe you’re going for your second trip and you remembered like it was yesterday how much money you’ve spent on your last excursion. Obviously you need to turn things around and change your spending habits for the better.

It is a fact that cruise lines are very good at sucking your money while on board. It’s like being on a big, floating Las Vegas casino. The ship’s structure, the colors, the music… almost everything is designed to get you to spend more money. After reading this you’re going to be more prepared and have strategies that can help save you a lot of money after your vacation. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to save money on your cruise ship excursion.

Supply and demand

Timing is everything. If the demand is less then the cost would also be not that expensive. Different areas have different high and low seasons. You can easily spot on price differences as high as 50% when comparing the lower cost to the higher cost.


Try to get your cabin as early as possible, then watch the price. If the price goes down, you can then ask for the updated lower cost. You can just keep the original price if the cost goes up. You can save hundreds of dollars on every cruise ship excursion with this technique.

Another thing to remember about cabins — Ocean view cabins costs higher than inside cabins, balcony cabins costs higher than ocean view cabins and suites are the most expensive. Also lower decks are cheaper than upper decks. It would be better to get an ocean view lodge on the lowest area rather than get an inside lodge on the highest area.


You should definitely bring your own camera and take your own pictures. If a cruise ship excursion photo is appealing to you, get your whole family/group into the photo because you only pay per photo and not for every person in the group.


You can eat your meals at the main dining 大件集運 room because they have very good food there which are all FREE. Stay away from restaurants which has optional extra costs.


The price for a small bottle of water inside a cruise liner is $4. The thing is you don’t have to buy water because it is FREE inside the ship. The drinks in the buffet are free and a typical cruise ship excursion allows you to bring in a moderate amount of soft drinks. Let me repeat, you don’t have to buy water because it’s FREE.

Spa and auctions

This is simple… stay away from them!


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