Gaming Laptops – Will Solid State Drives Replace Hard Drives?

Recently, in the world of laptops, there seems to be a major push to replace traditional Hard Disk Drives HDDs with the newer and speedier Solid State Drives SSDs. This issue presents a challenging question for future laptop buyers and especially for those considering buying a gaming laptop.

Now, SSDs or Solid State Drives are not new, they have been around since the 70’s but were mainly used in niche applications in the past. Only recently have computer makers been utilizing SSDs for their machines, especially in laptops cheap ssd drives uk. Will these flash drives replace one of the last hold-outs of movable parts in data storage — the hard disk drive?

Most computer users are familiar with Hard Disk Drives since they are presently found in most computers and laptops. An HHD stores data on rotating magnetic platters which have different speeds, that’s why you often see 5400rpm and 7200rpm associated with Hard Drives. Data is written to and read from these platters by a block of read/write heads, which are controlled by a micro-controller.

Since your information can be stored in different parts on a Hard Drive, the time needed to get and retrieve data can significantly vary. Keep in mind, these devices are movable mechanical parts so they are prone to all the problems associated with moving parts and can sometimes fail, i.e. crash. Most of us have been there, done that!

Now SSD is an entirely different creature from a Hard Disk Drive. Solid State Drives uses a flash memory chip managed by a micro-controller to store its data. The major thing to remember, SSD usually have slow write times but have very quick read times. Since most users read rather than write information, SSDs can be much faster than HDDs.

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