Jewellery – Your Fashion Statement

Jewellery can transform your wardrobe in numerous ways. Accessories add glamor and beauty to an often boring wardrobe. They are designed in variety of colors and styles to complement any kind of wear.
Many people think that accessories are meant for ladies only. However, men too are starting to couple some stunning pieces with their fashion.

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Accessories are a perfect way of coming out fashionable on a budget. One only needs to select the best items to match with the different clothes in their closet buy gold in abu dhabi. You do not have to buy a jewellery piece for each outfit that is in your wardrobe. It is best if you buy accessories that have neutral colors such as gold, silver and platinum as this can go with just any wear.

How to Match Jewellery with your Outfits?

There is no set rule of wearing jewellery. Modern fashion allows you to wear any color on the rainbow as long as it marries with the dress you are wearing. However, it is important to know just how much of your creativity will be acceptable to the fashion world and those people who are fashion conscious. For instance, always combine dark colors with gold accessories. It is the only way they stand out. They are meant to accentuate your look so do not blur their glow with your outfit. For silver pieces they will not disappoint if you couple them with pale blue and white hues. If the accessories feature warm colors such as red, orange and yellow, you will look perfect if you combine them with blue, violet and green hues.

In addition, accessories can be matched with your face shape or even your neckline. Jewellery are crafted into many designs. One style will look great on one person while it will destroy the overall appearance of another. If you have a round face, try elongated shapes such as diamonds. For narrow faces, hoop earrings will help in shortening the face. Always ensure that you wear something that is proportionate to your face. An accessory can appear good to you but it may earn you weird looks from strangers if you pull it on. If you have an intensively long neck, get a necklace with a pendant to attract attention to the neckline.

Does Jewellery Boosts your Image?

The rich and the elites in the society have been wearing accessories from time in memorial. They are seen as status symbols, in particular those that feature precious stones and crystals. Crystals are excellent alternatives where acquiring gemstone jewelry is not possible. Over the years, they have been known to have healing properties. Besides, offering overall health benefits, crystals can be used to portray a particular personality to the world. Some of the most used crystals include; quartz, jade, onyx, turquoise and obsidian among others. Quartz is very famous among many jewellery wearers. It exudes the same elegance and glow as that of assorted gemstones such as diamond.

The kind of jewellery one wears, speaks volume about their personality. You too can portray your image by sporting accessories that match who you are. If you are an outgoing person, you can choose those that have bright colors and with sophisticated designs. For people who are less outgoing, buy simple designs such as flowers. People who are ever serious can sport bold colors and chunkier styles.

Accessories are very important. They do more than just adding a sparkle to your outfit. However, they tell strangers about you even before you open your mouth. You can match them with any clothing as long as they blend. Also, they can be worn to various occasions. For formal gatherings you can sport, fine intricate designs with rhinestones whereas for casual gatherings you can wear any complex style and all the colors available in the color scheme. Do not shy away from bringing in jewellery to your closet; they are available for people across all budgets.

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