Is There a True Story of Scientology?

If you don’t understand the technology, you might feel really stuck. But the technology of starting a blog has actually become very easy. With either WordPress or Blogger, it only takes 2-3 minutes to create a blog. Help is available; reach out and get it!

Beyond the technology, you might freeze up when it’s time to hit “Publish.” If this is you, go back to these questions: What is it you want to say to people? What do you know about how to say it? Being clear about these questions will help you get up the guts to hit the Publish button.

The blog is your front porch. You decorate it, bring out the furniture, and create a place where you can invite people to come in and see what you’re doing baoli ma. They might come from social media, and you can send them back out to different places. But there’s a comfort level when someone has a nice-looking blog with consistent content on it, and readers know they can go there. That’s what they’re going to bookmark.

New bloggers tend to start out by trying to present themselves. This needs to look like me; I want people to know who I am. That’s a natural place to start. But it’s much more effective to think of who your potential readers are. How do they feel when they come here? What can you have on your front porch that’s really attractive to your audience?

Writing is isolating, but blogging is even more so. Find a place where you can talk with real human beings-maybe even in person!-about your blog. Meeting in person helps to normalize the technology. Suzanna Stinnett, founder of the Bay Area Bloggers Society, has discovered that people who attend their meetings are experts at something and they’re beginning to understand the value of sharing that expertise. They know about blogging, they’ve learned about it, studied it, heard about it, and looked at it online, but when they come and sit with a group of people and bounce the ideas off each other, it’s different. They have the a-ha moment: “Now I understand why I need to do this kind of blog”, or what a category is, or how the experience is for my readers. A-ha moments happen more in person than they do online.

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