Love at first bite: UNBEATABLE MEATS!

Love at first bite: UNBEATABLE MEATS!


Hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and one Bad Mutha Clucka served on King’s Hawaiian rolls are here for you created hand-crafted hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Not only these, we also have a mesmerizing and delicious menu of Haus Dogs, Hause Sausages, Hause Burgers, Hause Chicken, Hause Sliders, Kids meal and on the side fries, tots, and many for you.

Hausdogs always make fresh to order meals with each and every 100% natural and high-quality ingredient, antibiotic-free, a hormone-free meal that is been prepared with the best flavor, moisture, texture, and with extra sauces.

  American’s didn’t need to search for the hotdog’s place near them as they are just available in every street corner but they need to search the best.

Hausdogs is one of the best in the Maryland Dc area the American restaurant.

We have a delicious variety of Haudogs, Hause Sausages, Hause Burgers, Hause Chicken, Hause Sliders with 100% genetically tested black Angus beef from Creekstone Farms, we don’t add any nitrates or nitrites, we are only committed to creating hormone-free and antibiotic-free hausdog’s and are sausages are Duroc pork from Premium Iowa Pork and we only serve Creekstone Farms beef.

We are fully committed to preparing the best food, we didn’t fear to add special ingredients to make our food
phenomenal, our main goal is to provide the most enjoyable meal of your life and not only this, but we put efforts to allow our guests to have peace of mind about its uncompromisable quality.

We are here present for serving you our best crafted-casual gourmet hot dogs, sausages, and burgers, and also premium shakes, soft-serve ice cream, and beer. For the last 11 years, we’ve made it our only mission to dine you with the best food.

Our signature all beef Haus Dogs and hand-crafted proprietary Haus sausages are 100% genetically tested and also are humanely raised Black Angus beef are with no hormones and no antibiotics, as we are here for the last 11 years, and we opened our first location in our hometown of Pasadena, CA in 2010 and now we are here in “The Woodmont Triangle” you can get into the house and have the delicious and premium taste of our servings, you can check for:





You have one for a reason to do visit us and have our delicious servings which is that our  sausages and burgers are special and we serve them on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls.

We serve you the best Haus Dogs, Haus Sausages, and more, here take a look at our mouth watery servings, we have: 

HAUS DOGS, HAUS SAUSAGES, HAUS BURGERS, HAUS CHICKEN, CORN DOGS, BREAKFAST BURRITOS, Sliders, Sauces on the side, BYO, Kids meal, Drinks, and Deserts.
Our mission is to provide you with the best food and for that we are working daily and hard to make you full with our finger licking servings, you can visit us Our Dining rooms are available, take out, you can prefer curbside pickup and also you food delivery is available.

“We’re committed to never-ever meats FOREVER”

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