Brewing Chinese Top Grade Dragon Well Green Tea

The most beautiful and breathtaking scenery can be viewed in West Lake Hangzhou, the home of the well-renowned green tea called Dragon Well Green Tea, a green tea from China that has a delectable flavor and fragrance and a long history of being grown in this region for many thousands of years. Dragon Well tea is also sometimes called “Longjing” tea.

The Appearance of Dry Dragon Well Leaves

The dried leaves of Dragon Well tea have long straight smooth shafts that are very tippy and look like flat spears. A very fine quality Dragon Well tea will have leaves that are fresh and tender, unlike most black and pu-erh teas. The leaves themselves are a tender green color, and the buds of a Dragon Well tea are usually straight and very tight.

The Flavor of High Quality Dragon Well Tea

Mellow, smooth and refreshing are all adjectives which describe a fine quality Dragon Well green tea. The leaves brew up into a lovely pale green-gold color which is bright and clear.

The Benefits of Dragon Well Green Tea

The famous Dragon Well tea is renowned for her beautiful brewed green liqour, aromatic fragrance, refreshing yet mellow flavor, and the gorgeous body which is consumed and loved by people all over the world. Dragon Well tea is not only a delicious and stimulating tea when brewed properly, but it also hosts a myriad of health benefits as well as many minerals and anti-oxidants that can help with detoxifying the body. Dragon Well tea is also reputed to help with weight loss and anxiety!

Preparing Dragon Well Tea

To properly enjoy and experience Dragon Well tea, you should begin your preparation by choosing a nice cup or gaiwan to drink your tea from. I recommend a glass teapot and teacup so that you can see the beautiful spears of Dragon Well tea stretching and 茶葉批發香港 dancing in the water.

Brewing and Preparing Dragon Well Longjing Tea the Chinese Way

Preparing and Pre-warming Your Glass and Teapot or Gaiwan

1. First you will need to pour already hot water into your covered bowl or gaiwan, allowing it to heat and cleanse the bowl. Pre-warming your cups is a very important part of the tea ritual as it allows the brewed tea to stay warm.

2. Next, pour the heated water into the fair cup using your filter. After warming the fair cup with your heated water, dispose (or otherwise recycle) the water you used to warm the fair cup, this water will not be used to brew the actual Dragon Well tea.

The fair cup will be used to hold the brewed Dragon Well tea, then to pour the brewed tea into each individual cup. By doing this, you will even out the flavor and aroma so that it is extremely well balanced, and also allow any leaves poured into the brewed tea to settle to the bottom of the cup.

Brewing and Steeping

After pouring the hot water over the Dragon Well tea leaves, be sure to gently swirl and rotate your cup (gaiwan) so that it soaks all of the tea leaves thoroughly and evenly.

Doing this will extract the most flavor and aroma from the tea so that you can actually see and smell it’s freshness!

Next add just one more small amount of hot water after the initial pouring of water to allow the water to completely fill your cup. Swirl the cup gently to allow the leaves the opportunity to entirely unfurl and stretch, and pay attention to the grace of the leaves dancing and unwinding in your cup!

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