Selecting the Highest Quality Dragon Well Tea

Dragon Well tea, also known as Longjing tea in China, is a beautiful variety of green tea, produced in West Lake in the Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China, and is most widely known for its high quality and refreshing flavor. Dragon Well tea has also earned the title of “China’s Famous Tea”.

China has a very unique and interesting tea culture. The culture of tea in China stretches for thousands of years, and even modern day China has very unique and fascinating tea drinking rituals and culture. Dragon Well green tea is one of the teas enjoyed most by the Chinese and is also enjoyed by many other cultures around the world.

Although in China, drinking green tea has been a tradition for years, it is only fairly recently that the Western world has discovered the enjoyment of green tea. Green tea provides many anti-oxidants and other health benefits, which is why many people drink Long Jing tea, in order to retain the health benefits of green tea. Green tea has also been shown to help with weight loss, preventing and releasing toxins in the blood, relaxation, anti-aging benefits and many other purported health benefits.

Because of the different ways of picking and processing tea leaves from the tea tree, not all green teas are alike. There are many different classifications and varieties of green tea, depending on which leaves were picked, where they were picked, and when they were picked. Elevation and the time of year which they were picked make a huge difference! Another difference in green teas is the method by which they were turned into the final product which you can buy in stores. Here are the several ways green teas are classified, so that you can tell the difference between a high quality Dragon Well green tea and a lower quality.

The Differences Between Dragon Well Green Teas

The Dry Leaves Prior To Brewing:

In Dragon Well green teas, the appearance of the dry leaf is smooth and tender with a broad flat leaf with a spear-like tip. Note that in the Grade A dry Dragon Well tea leaves, the color of the dry leaf is yellow-green with a smooth flat body. Each leaf and its bud are well-proportioned, with a light, aromatic grassy fragrance.

The Grade B Dragon Well green tea, which holds a much deeper green color in its dried leaves. It should have a much more intense fragrance, flavor and aroma than the Grade A Dragon Well tea. It also has a very elegant nuanced flavor to it.

The leaf of Grade C Dragon Well green tea is a very deep forest shade of green. The leaves are tight and heavy with some curvature. It smells very mild and light without as much fragrance as the Grade A or B Dragon Well teas, and DOES NOT keep well in storage for as long as the other grades.

Differences when Steeping Dragon Well Tea

Flavor and Aroma of the Longjing

Brewed Grade A Dragon Well tea presents a delicate and aromatic fragrance, or nose, that is smooth and long lasting, similar to that of a freshly picked green bean or a sweet meadow-like scent. It has a deep flavor which is very fresh, smooth and mellow, with just a hint of natural sweetness to it on your tongue. It will brew up to a very light, clear greenish-gold color. Dragon Well green teas are one of the best tasting, most refreshing green teas in the world!

If you are brewing a Grade B Dragon Well tea, the leaves will brew up slightly differently and the liquor will be a much brighter green color with no golden hues. Grade B Longjing has a mellow and fresh taste that has no sharpness to it, and is smooth and delicious, with out leaving a “dry” finish. Grade C Dragon Well tea will not store for very long before going bitter or rancid. However, if brewed while still fresh, it has a very mild flavor, somewhat similar to the Grade B Dragon Well tea, however the leaves brew up a much darker deep green than Grade A or B Dragon Well leaves will.

The Brewed Tea Leaves and Buds of Dragon Well Longjing Tea

You can also easily tell the difference between different grades of Dragon Well green tea by carefully observing the brewed tea leaves. As you can see from the photograph, the Grade A is still very brightly colored, even after brewing. Grade B leaves which have been brewed present a slightly darker green color, and the Grade C brewed leaves present a deep forest-shade of green.

Additionally, the Grade A Dragon Well tea 茶葉批發香港 leaves are always tender, with slight tippy thin leaves with a very light appearance, while the other grades look thicker, and the leaves appear broader and deeper in coloring.

The Fragrance of the Brewed Tea

To properly brew Dragon Well Green Tea, add approximately 3 grams of tea into your teapot and brew with hot, purified or spring water that is approximately 85 degrees Celsius or 175 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 minutes.

Then pouring your tea into your cup, observe the brewed tea. The color should be a clear greenish-gold (deeper with lower grades of Dragon Well green tea) and it will be light and delicate, with a lightly floral fragrance that lingers. Even after the tea begins to cool, the lightly grassy floral fragrance remains, like a sweet meadow scent lingering in the air, which relaxes and calms you.

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