Taxi Versus Public Transportation in Zadar

Zadar is a vibrant and unique city that combines medieval architecture from the Roman occupation with a modern flair, attracting thousands of tourists every year. As an important touristic city of Croatia, Zadar is also a connection point for tourists that wish to visit this country and prefer to fly to Zadar Airport and then use other means of transportation to their near destinations. While travelling to an unknown city in a foreign country without a thorough research is almost madness, many tourists arrange their transportation from the airport to their hotels or to the next town from home or they at least save a couple of taxi numbers in their phones just in case. Foreigners are in general reluctant to use public transportation when travelling abroad fearing they will get lost or get too delayed, but are these fears relevant for Zadar as well?

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It is true that in the past few years, public transportation in Croatia has been modernized, but the infrastructure still fails to cover every portion of the city and especially the suburbs taxi Gent Zaventem. Therefore, if you need to reach those areas or you come from another city and need to go to the airport, the only solution you have is to take a taxi. Contrary to expectations, taking a taxi to Zadar airport is neither difficult, nor expensive compared to other cities of Europe. People that travelled to Zadar a few years back will have difficulties believing that taking a taxi is a viable and cheap solution, because just until recently there were few taxi companies operating on the market and the fares were obviously not highly competitive. However, things stand differently right now, because more competitors appeared in the meanwhile improving the services and lowering the prices for a ride in the cab. This means that tourists no longer need to avoid taking a Zadar airport taxi fearing they will pay more for the taxi fare than on their plane ticket.

Another reason why public transportation in this city loses its ground against taxi services is the fact that they are crowded, making it difficult to reach the validating machines, not to mention reaching the doors while you have your trolley and a few bags to carry with you. If you need to change a few buses or the station of the bus is far from your hotel, you will need to carry your heavy luggage with you on the streets and from station to station investing time and effort uselessly while on vacation. On the other hand, a taxi will provide you the comfort you need and will drive you directly to your destination in the shortest time possible. More than that, public transportation is not available 24/7, while you can call taxi services in Zadar at any hour and someone will reach you in less than three minutes, irrespective of your location. It may be more advantageous for the residents of this city to use public transportation, but for tourists taking the bus or the tram is simply too complicated and time-consuming to be worth the effort.

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