Prize Bond

Withdraw your Luck 

Prize bond is the best investment in Pakistan. Prize bonds are costly in Pakistan. Therefore, you don’t know about them, OK It’s not a big deal; you have to buy Prize bonds because they are a safe investment in Pakistan.

The stock market and other assets are not secure in Pakistan. Due to Pakistan govt rules. Similarly, the Pakistan govt makes stringent rules over the other investments.

· Refundable

· No Expiry

There are no limits for anyone to buy a Prize bond, so you can also buy as much as the bond you can. After that, to increase the chance of your winning, the more you invest in bonds, the higher your purchased bond’s winning rate. 


Prize bond results are about 24 times each year. After that, You can check this result on the official website of the national saving or the state bank of Pakistan for verification. Prize bond results are about 24 times each year. Therefore after that, you can check it quickly. Rules are elementary for investment in bonds.

 The public can view the drawing without restriction. In other words no chance to cheat anyone in it. If anyone tries to cheat Govt takes strict action and gives that person punishment.


 The prize bond schedule mentioned by the state bank of Pakistan is working hours of working days of the week. This six-year period is all about asking for the Prize of money because you can’t ask for your Prize to win.

The Draw is held in a very month for different Bonds. And every bond is repeated after three months. in this, all bonds are covered. And the Down is contained in the presence of many peoples. So not possible to cheat anyone in it. They begin and bring good news for the winners.

Prize bond you have to get the forum from the bank available in both English and Urdu language. After filling it, you submit it to the national bank and get your National Prize bond.

Guesses paper

Prize bond guess paper does not officially offer guess values. Prize bond guess papers were easily available to anyone. You Can quickly get these guesses on social media platforms. I think it is fake. And I guess it depends on your luck—no need to check any guess paper for that. I believe our Govt needs to take strict action on it. They miss teaching the people and getting money from them. Some of my friends waste a lot of money on guess paper, but in the end, the solution is nothing .so no need to buy any guess paper.

It depends on the thing.

· Luck

· investment

It depends on investment because there is more chance to win if you invest a big amount.

. It’s total luck-dependent similar following these guesses is all up to your luck, not their knowledge.


The amount of the tax is forever the winner. The premium bond schedule mentioned by Pakistan Government Prohibition is open on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00. Withdrawals are made every week, which is usually the first working day.

The winner must pay this percentage of prize bond list winnings as tax to the Government of Pakistan. There was fraud and illegal activity in bond sales in the late 20th century. But one day, I’ll find out that it’s a very clear-cut technique. After you win the Prize, you have to pay 30% to the GOVT of Pakistan. This is the tax on your win. Without saying. That you could not take money

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