Get Energy Star Appliances for Higher Affordability and Green Environment

The number of people on this earth is increasing like anything and so is the number of appliances that they use. The technology has advanced to a great extent and we can have all the comforts that could only be imagined, but it is also causing harm to the environment. Many of the daily appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. cause global warming to the environment and consume high amount of energy. For this reason, a label was created by the us government that certified an appliance on the basis of their protection. The appliance with highest number of stars is considered to be the most power efficient and environment friendly.

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It was designed by the environment Protection Agency and can be found on many of your home appliances. It is a simple white and blue label that has stars marked on it morphy richards 52 ltr otg . These stars signify the quality of that equipment. While going for shopping these appliances, you must always check for the energy star label. It will help you to contribute towards the environment and save money in the long run. Ask the dealer for the label, if it is not present on the appliance. The appliances which are available otherwise must not be purchased as they are unfit for the environment.

The rules, regulations and guidelines provided in the energy label are very extensive and meant to provide quality equipments to the customers, which are friendly to the environment as well. The energy star appliances are supposed to be tested against performance and energy consumption. The primary objective of using these appliances is to save the natural resources and environment. Thus, an appliance which is marked start rated should offer you less energy consumption, better output, and lesser emissions into the environment. They usually allow for at least three by four times less energy consumption than the non-star rated appliances in the market.

You can easily upgrade all the appliances of your house with these star rated appliances without many hassles. They can be located in almost every store and are available for online sale too. Nowadays, you can find incredible discounts and deals on online sites for these appliances. They sell both new and old equipments on their site, which are tested for performance, prior to selling them on their site. The rates of the used ones are pretty low, but they work pretty well and can be a very economical option for your house. You can also save a lot of money and will be able to afford expensive luxury appliances at low rates.

All your daily items like battery charger, refrigerator, air conditioners, cleaners, etc. can be star rated for performance. Many people do not buy these appliances because they are usually priced at a bit higher range. Some stores do offer best buy appliances and various discounts and deals on other appliances. There are times when an appliance gets damaged due to some reason and it is put upon sale or an offer. The damage might be very small but the price reduces due to that reason. Buying appliances in such a case would be very profitable as you can enjoy all the benefits at very low cost. While most home appliances are only expected to last for a decade or so, having them repaired occasionally can help you keep them useful for a longer time. In the majority of cases, calling a reasonably priced appliance repair service can save you money compared to the cost of replacing the entire appliance.

If we believe statistics about the expected life span of major home appliances, then the outlook for appliance ownership is not that encouraging. According to data gathered by Consumer Reports, dishwashers and microwave ovens only last an average of 9 years, and a typical washing machine is only expected to stick around for about 10. The prediction for garbage disposals is roughly 12 years, and dryers, refrigerators, and electric ranges are supposedly good for about 13 years of service. Does that mean that your household appliances are on “borrowed time” as they approach the end of these time spans? Not necessarily. In the case of household appliances, an average life span does not take into account frequency of use, how often the machines are moved and jostled, and how well they were maintained and cared for. It’s also unclear whether the statistics on appliance life spans take into account the benefits of getting appliance repairs.

Under favorable conditions, a home appliance can continue operating properly well past its allotted number of years. Although some homeowners tend to replace their malfunctioning appliances at the first sign of trouble, it can be much more economical to seek the services of an appliance repair company. Depending on the cost of the worn-out part, and how long it takes the repairman to replace it, appliance repairs can cost hundreds of dollars less than buying a brand-new appliance. Once an appliance warranty runs out and the expected life span of the appliance draws near, some people assume that the machine is a lost cause. The truth is that many ten-year-old appliances can be restored to full functionality by simply replacing a single part. On the other hand, if there are multiple parts that are wearing out and the appliance is 15 years old, then it’s probably time to consider replacing the whole machine. If the problem can be traced to one relatively inexpensive appliance part, though, bringing in a repair service may be the most cost-effective solution.

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