Car Advertising Stickers – Aiming the right Product at your Market

As you drive on the highways and through the towns of United states, one thing that you will notice is that almost every vehicle has advertising decals on it about something; whether be it decals with a political message, or stickers bragging about which university the owner went to, or printed decals advertising how many family members and pets are in the vehicle owner’s family!

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There are several materials car advertisement. and adhesives, or non-adhesives which car decal printers can print on. The list below should help you decide what kind of decals or stickers you need if you are planning to order decals for advertising any business, cause, or organization.

Non-Adhesive Car Advertising Stickers and Decals

  1. Magnetic Decals

Magnetic materials are great for car decals that you want to remove daily. Examples of this would be a pizza delivery driver, or a contractor who needs vehicle markings when on a construction site, but doesn’t necessarily want to be identified in traffic. Negatives: If they are left on for too long without allowing moisture to escape, rust can develop beneath the auto paint. Also, they can blow off vehicles, especially the cheaper, thinner magnetic materials.

  1. Static Cling Car Advertising Stickers

Static cling vinyl is a PVC flexible sheet with added softening materials that increase plasticity, which can make it very soft and sticky, but with no adhesives. This popular car sticker material can be applied and removed easily, although you need to make sure your window is clean. Many car owners prefer this type of sticker. You may want to keep this in mind when determining what types of materials to order. Negatives: It cannot be used on outside of a car, as it will blow off when you are driving.

Adhesive Car Decals and Stickers

  1. Semi-Permanent Adhesive Decals

This adhesive is great in that it won’t let your decal peel off if the vinyl, or polyester, it is printed on is of good quality. Negatives: While these decals can be difficult to remove, especially after a year, semi-permanent adhesives can be heated with a heat gun, or hair dryer, to aid in removal from a car window. They can also be peeled with the help of a razor scraper.

  1. Removable Car Advertising Stickers

Removable car stickers are, like the name says, removable. However, after the adhesive has been exposed to the elements for over a year, the adhesive hardens and gets even more difficult to remove. Although, heat can be applied to get it removed. Negative: Adhesive hardens over time.

Target market Considerations for Purchasing Custom Advertising Stickers:

When considering investing in one type of the previously mentioned car advertising stickers, or decals, you’ll want to take your potential market into consideration. Do they drive pickup trucks or Aston-Martin? Blue collar guys are usually less concerned about removal of an adhesive decal than some others as they know how to get them off. It’s also because of the fact that they learned it from their Dads. If the white-collar crowd is your market, the static cling car advertising decals might be a more favorable investment.

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