There Are No Laws But God’s

Imagine a person we shall name as Harry who is fearful about air travel. For this reason Harry has decided never to get on an airplane. Some years ago Harry read about a plane crash where upon impact the jet fuel ignited and the resulting explosion burned the 500+ passengers to death. After reading these gory details, Harry decided never to get on an airplane again. He decided that plane travel is too dangerous.

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Further suppose that Harry lives in New York and has decided to take a trip to Los Angeles Harry decides to drive himself to Los Angeles from New York. Of course Harry could have taken a bus or train. Each of these methods would have kept him on the ground which is the deciding factor.

Most of us know that it is much safer statistically to fly the 3,000 mile trip than it is to drive. Yet Harry, due to his decision regarding plane travel has decided to drive. It will take Harry several days as opposed to the five hour nonstop flight time. There will also be much wear and tear on Harry’s car as of course he will have to make another 3,000 mile trip on his return.

Harry has created a law within his mind. By this law Harry is unable to get on an airplane. Now this is an unusual way of looking at the concept of law, however please take a look at this. A law is a rule that seeks to inhibit action in some way. Doesn’t Harry’s law do the same thing?

This is an imaginary story, however consider the means under which Harry’s law was created. He read a something that created a fear within him. He then made a decision based upon that fear. Now if we look at his decision regarding the trip to Los Angeles we can see that his law is putting him in danger. I once read that a car traveling between Los Angeles and New York will have 33 accidents before a plane will have one accident. Now at highway speeds, how many of those accidents will Harry survive? Thus, in terms of safety, Harry’s law puts him more at risk.

The purpose of this story is to look at the concept of belief. Once a person accepts a belief, that belief becomes like a law to that person. It doesn’t matter whether that belief has a fear behind it or not. Beliefs have that effect upon life. They either hinder life or broaden it. This story was created to show how a belief can hinder life. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce a belief that is to support broadening life.

The Law of God
The Law of God says that all things are good. This law is referring to Gods’ creations. This law supports you and me. Now you must accept this law and give less attention to the laws you made. Remember that through beliefs you create laws in your mind. This is where beautiful work can be done.

Law is to be understood as the way that things take form. An understanding is that some laws are physical, some are mental, some are made by humans, and finally there are laws of God. The word law is used here because it helps contain things.

For example, suppose there was a place where no human laws were made. The assumption is that anarchy would exist. Many of us have seen the old westerns where some of the western territories had not yet become states. While this was a part of human history, it is not to be used to guess at how societies would develop.

Recall the concept of the lawman. The sheriff or the marshal was charged with keeping some sense of order. Again the parallels are that people or laws maintain a place in order.

Consider how the planets circle the sun and how the sun circles the center of our galaxy. There is something that maintains this order such that the movement of these objects occur with a precise timing. The best clocks are not as precise. This is an example of law as a force that holds things in order. The planets are not colliding nor are we aware of other objects in outer space colliding. Haley’s comet comes back into view of the earth at a certain time and this can be depended upon. It is in this way that it is suggested that we view the law of God. It can be depended upon to complete its function

The laws and concepts of a century direct the civilization of that century. Laws and concepts are governing principles and ideologies capable of influencing the operative dynamics of a century, human advancement, societal evolution and revolution.

The laws and concepts of a century underlined determine and define the operative dynamics of that century, human and societal operations with respect to life’s demands in virtually every area. In the absence of hypothetical laws and concepts, humanity is compelled to operate as blind horses without governing principles and ideologies to order her operation.

Laws: I define laws as principles which underline or define the governing operative dynamics of a century, human and societal advancement and operation in relation to demand. Professor Mbuya Divine of the Nation Builders Institute defines laws as major pathways with resultant consequences.Ashu Solange; a student of the Nation Builders Institute defines laws as fundamental principles which govern life

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